Driver’s knowledge vs Driver’s license

Knowledge is potential power but applied knowledge is powerful. Most people focus on getting their driver’s licenses without worrying too much about improving their driving skills which we find very odd. There are lots of people with licenses who are not qualified to drive on our roads but they are currently driving hence the many unnecessary road crashes and fatalities. It is nearly impossible for one to follow the rules of the road if one does not know them, at HTM Driving School we daily interact with customers who claim to be “busy” and “not having time” for training but request us to “organize” them a learner’s/driver’s license. Who are these people fooling? We always advise them “that a driver’s license card stays in your pocket, gives you permission to drive but knowledge & skills will be required to control the vehicle safely and without knowledge & skills that vehicle is a danger to other road users”.

Our driver’s licenses have lost so much credibility due to the easy ways through which they can be acquired. We continuously lose people unnecessarily in road crashes/accidents due to lack of driving knowledge & misunderstanding of rules on the roads resulting in them deciding incorrectly and taking wrong actions. Most of the people we are losing are economically active and contributing positively to their families, communities, the economy at large etc and we at HTM Driving School believe the problem deserves to be given the highest priority. If all of us were to follow all the K53 rules and not selectively, our roads can become safe and few real accident will occur but this can only be achieved when all of us make a conscious decision to go to credible driving schools with the intention of LEARNING in order to KNOW and not concentrating on getting a pass only.


1 thought on “Driver’s knowledge vs Driver’s license

  1. true all these you will most definitely enjoy lessons at HTM and remember for life. Jim is my best instractor

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