General K53 procedure

If all of us were to follow the general K53 procedure, our roads could become safe and all the unnecessary road crashes that we are daily exposed to could be reduced/minimized. The procedure involves 10 steps that are divided into three (3) main groups and they are as follows:


1. Observe by checking the mirrors and your surrounding.

2. Check the blind spot on the side you intend turning to (Left or right).

3. Signal  your intention by switching on your left or right indicator.


4. Check your rear view mirror to make sure that there is no one following you too closely.

5. Press the foot brake gently to slow the vehicle down.

6. Change down the gear if necessary.


7. Check the blind spot on the side you intend turning to.

8. Steer/turn to side you are signalling to only when it is safe to do so.

9. Accelerate gradually to merge with other traffic.

10. Cancel your signal/indicator.

We at HTM Driving School believe that our roads can become safe if we could all aspire to gain knowledge to drive safely and daily apply it.


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