Fear of driving needs a refresher training!

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We know that not all of us are fortunate to own or have access to a vehicle that we can drive daily and for this reason, there are many people who have drivers’ licenses and some are renewing them every 5 years without having driven a car.

Then the questions is; will these people be able to drive a vehicle safely when they get the opportunity to?

The brain is wired to prioritize and make available the most important information that is daily used and files the ones that are rarely used hence if you don’t drive regularly, you will temporarily forget the skill. It is even worse if you receive improper driver training because you will just completely forget what you were taught due to memorization in order to pass the test.

So most people are faced with two challenges; one is bad training and the second is not being an active driver and these two are the major causes of fear of driving in heavy traffic.

We are not here to tell you which code is better as we have different personal reasons for choosing one against the other, but our intention is to make you aware that you need to seek help whenever you feel that you lack certain knowledge.

Code 8 and code 10 vehicles are different in sizes and obviously they will be driven differently due to the length and width perception.  .

Majority of people with code 10 drivers’ licenses find it difficult to drive code 8 manual vehicles due to the sensitivity of the clutch pedal.  The problem is even worse for drivers who only received driver training just to go and pass their license test because they will never know what is wrong with their car that keeps on switching off at every robot or stop street.

They then develop fear of driving in town or on roads where there is heavy traffic which forces them to wake up before sun rise in order to be the first to find open parkings and leave after sunset to avoid traffic. They don’t realise that they put themselves in danger by driving in the dark whilst still learning to drive and they risk being robbed or highjacked.

These are the risks that our people are daily exposed to because there are very few driving schools that are concern about quality driver training.

HTM Driving School provides refresher driver training to the following people:

a) Those who have fear of driving due to having been involved in accidents.

b) Those who have driver’s licenses, but are not actively driving.

c) Those who recently got their driver’s license, but feel like something is missing whenever they are driving.

There is no way one can improve without first acquiring new knowledge and accidents/crashes can be avoided.



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