HTM Driving School believes that for South Africa’s roads to be considered safe, driving schools should be at the forefront in providing good quality driver training as a contribution to the economy cannot be ignored. HTM advocates for quality driver training at affordable prices and within a reasonable time frame, without compromising quality and participating in corrupt activities. A well rounded driver is one who forms a relationship with his/her vehicle, be able to understand different situations and is less affected negatively by them.


To enable, develop and equip drivers with good defensive driving skills in Limpopo and beyond.


HTM offers excellent driver training, preparing drivers both practically and psychologically to be safe and considerate on South Africa’s roads. HTM is committed to giving individual customer attention and consistent feedback after every lesson.


  • Respect – HTM is committed to treating all its customers with the utmost respect.
  • Honesty – to conduct all transactions in an honest and transparent manner.
  • Patience and Understanding – to understand that customers have different needs and learning abilities, making patience important.
  • Service excellence – to strive for excellence in every service HTM provides in order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

HTM Driving School provides the following services:


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